Learn About Investor Membership


The Greater Cleveland Partnership is pleased to offer a new member benefit through viperks. viperks helps attract, engage and retain employees by offering cost-effective services that members can pass to their employees. viperks is an enhanced, company-branded appreciation platform with perks, affiliate partners and an integrated rewards and recognition component.

viperks benefits:

  • Free for GCP members only. As a GCP member, access for you and your employees does not require a monthly fee.
  • Personalized company branded marketplace. Create a stronger connection to your company by customizing your portal. Include your logo in the header and add company branding to the website. Add your company’s message to reinforce and align your employees with your mission, vision, and core values.
  • On-the-spot employee recognition. Utilize the program to purchase credits for your employees to redeem as a way to recognize the good work they’re doing for your business.
  • Receive full user analytics reporting to see which employees are using the platform, a dedicated on-boarding specialist, and full tech support whenever you have questions or need help.
To start taking advantage of this member benefit, email sales@getviperks.com.