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Diversity and Inclusion Organization Assessment

A new approach

The Commission on Economic Inclusion, a program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, works with Northeast Ohio employers committed to making the region’s diversity a source of economic strength.

In a diverse environment such as Northeast Ohio, economic growth cannot be sustained without including its diverse workforce and utilizing its minority businesses.

For the past 16 years, the Commission has collected data and reported the status of diversity and inclusion efforts in Northeast Ohio. Starting in 2017, the annual Employers Survey on Diversity™ is undergoing significant changes that include a new name, becoming the Diversity and Inclusion Organization Assessment.

In addition, all Greater Cleveland Partnership member companies and organizations are invited to participate in the process.

The name of the tool was changed to better reflect its purpose. Input from focus groups following last year’s survey cycle and feedback from both old and new participants produced a comprehensive list of suggested updates.

Changes also include plans to pre-populate the survey forms with the previous year’s responses, as well as a password-protected archive of past survey forms and scorecards.

Completing the D&I Assessment

Each organization will be assigned a single confidential password that can be shared within that organization to allow more than one person to enter data if necessary. Only one person per organization can be logged in at one time.

To receive a basic report, the workforce and senior management demographic data sections must be completed. Optional categories are Best Practices, Supplier Diversity, and Board Diversity.

Access to the online assessment is now available.

If you have previously completed the survey and have not received your confidential link and password, or if your organization is interested in completing the Diversity & Inclusion Organization Assessment for the first time, please contact Marci Blue at 216.592.2369 or

Why participate in the assessment?

The results of the D&I Assessment function as a barometer of inclusion in Northeast Ohio region and provides employers with a tool and benchmarks for examining their own diversity and inclusion efforts.

Consider these reasons why your participation is valuable:
  • Employers receive a report with the aggregate results of all employers’ data, which includes benchmark data.

  • Employers receive a confidential individual score card, along with suggested resources, useful for your organization’s internal diversity and inclusion strategic planning.

  • Employers have opportunities for recognition of their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Contact us

For more information, please contact the D&I Assessment administrator, Marci Blue, at 216.592.2369 or