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Our Organization

Our Vision

To be the economic development “game changer” and business advocate for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Our Mission

To mobilize private-sector leadership, expertise and resources to create attractive business conditions that create jobs, grow investment and improve the economic prosperity of the region.

Our Priorities

We’ve identified these priorities for 2016 where we think we have an imperative and the ability to make a game-changing impact for both the business and wider communities:

Ensure success of 2016 Republican National Convention.
We’re leading the effort to accelerate projects and community readiness and are working with public-sector leaders to ensure that key physical development projects are completed on time.

Help drive The Cleveland Plan and support college and career readiness.
Working with other stakeholders, we remain focused on providing all Cleveland students with high-quality public and charter school options and supporting initiatives that can prepare students for success in college and careers.

Expand CEO engagement with inclusion initiatives.
We’re accelerating efforts to broaden membership and leadership of the Commission on Economic Inclusion by providing GCP members with access to programming and a variety of diversity management resources.

Drive business development with a focus on expansion and retention.
We’re enhancing outreach to Northeast Ohio companies in targeted industry sectors to deliver even greater impact through our award-winning Business Development team and partner organizations such as Team NEO and MAGNET.

Achieve maximum outcomes from GCP/COSE realignment.
Success will mean increasing impact for our members and community, increasing sources and level of financial support to drive that impact, supported by a highly efficient and effective infrastructure.

Expand air carriers and service at Hopkins Airport.
Our Air Service Demand Task Force will continue working with the City of Cleveland and Hopkins Airport to ensure that important nonstop markets are served.

Advance game-changing projects.
Through our affiliate Cleveland Development Advisors, we’re investing in catalytic projects that transform Cleveland neighborhoods. We’re also a lead advocate for Opportunity Corridor and the MetroHealth transformation, which will revitalize their communities.

Assist county government with delivering economic development outcomes.
Many of our priorities align with those of Cuyahoga County government. We’re working together to enhance the county’s economic vitality and create long-term, sustainable outcomes.

Advocate for public policies that connect to our priorities and partners.
We’re continuing to advocate for policies and regulations that create a positive business environment and help develop a highly educated, innovated and diverse workforce.

These action items also can be found in our 2016 Priorities Brochure.