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Vote “Yes” on Issue 1 and Issue 9 on Tuesday

Voters will be confronted with two important issues when they arrive at the ballot box on Tuesday, May 8.  After careful analysis and consideration, GCP business leaders from across Northeast Ohio, recommend voting “Yes” on Issues 1 and 9.  

Vote “Yes” on Issue 1:  Congressional Redistricting 

The GCP Board offered formal support for statewide Issue 1, which would create a more 
bi-partisan, public process for drawing U.S. Congressional districts.  Significant minority party support would be required for the legislature to approve a new map.  Issue 1 offers rules that would limit the extent to which counties, municipal corporations, and townships can be split between districts; the City of Cleveland would remain whole within its district.  
The plan cleared the legislature, with overwhelming support from both political parties, prior to the deadline for proposed Constitutional amendments initiated by the Ohio General Assembly to be filed with the Secretary of State.  Due to the passage of the legislature’s resolution, Issue 1 will appear on the ballot on May 8.  The proposal would take effect for the next redistricting process in 2021, following the 2020 census. 

Vote “Yes” on Issue 9:  Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services (HHS)  

Members of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) have also endorsed Cuyahoga County’s two-year renewal of the Health and Human Services (HHS) levy.  The Cuyahoga County HHS renewal levy, Issue 9, is a two-year renewal of the 3.9 mill levy and is the smaller of the two County HHS levies.  It generated approximately $104 million in 2016 – 2017 and costs a homeowner $135.10 on a $100,000 home.  Combined with the 4.8 mill eight-year levy – renewed in 2016 and set to expire in 2024 – the County collects slightly over $230 million to fund critical social services.

GCP has long supported both HHS levies.  GCP leadership will continue to actively work with Cuyahoga County to determine the need and future structure of the HHS levy when it is up for renewal in 2020. 

Ensure your voice is heard.  Vote “Yes” on Issue 1 and Issue 9 on Primary Election Day.

Update: Medical Marijuana in Ohio

While the GCP remained neutral on the initiative that passed two years ago legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio, our members did advocate passionately for specific employer protections that were ultimately included in the law.  The employer protections, among other things, are designed to defend an employer’s HR policies, drug screening policies, and procedures.  And, the Governor appointed a GCP Board member to Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee; the role is to protect employers’ rights as regulatory proceedings on medical marijuana take place in Ohio throughout the implementation of the program. 

Provisional licenses for 24 medical marijuana cultivators have since been named.  Certificates to recommend medical marijuana have been awarded to 36 physicians (approximately 50 applied) via the State Medical Board of Ohio.  Initial medical marijuana dispensary certificates of operation are expected in September of this year.  For a timeline of the overall program, click here.

As Ohio implements the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, GCP will continue to represent the business community’s interests in Columbus.  See this website for regular updates.

2018 Board of Directors Ballot and Proxy

As the designated representative of a member company of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), you are entitled to vote in the election of the GCP Board of Directors. As indicated in the ballot, 24 nominees will be elected to three-year terms that expire in 2021, which includes new Directors and those being re-elected to the GCP Board. There are 2 nominees to be elected to fill open seats in the class of 2020 and 1 nominee to be elected to fill an open seat in the class of 2019. Pursuant to the Code, candidates have been recommended by a nominating committee and notice was given to the membership inviting additional nominations. No nominations were received from the Members.

Vote for the candidates who are listed in the table here. By checking the appropriate box below, you may either submit proxy instructions to vote for the entire slate of nominated candidates or submit proxy instructions to vote for individual nominees. Please return your completed ballot and proxy to the GCP offices by mail o the attention of: Secretary,Greater Cleveland Partnership, 1240 Huron Road E, Suite 300, Cleveland, Ohio 44115-1717, email, or fax (216) 687-6788 on or before April 30, 2018.

See complete ballot.

Volunteer for True2U

True2U enews 04 04 16.jpgRecognizing that career readiness starts early, an innovative program—True2U—a collaboration among the Cleveland Foundation’s youth development program, MyCom, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), the Greater Cleveland Partnership and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute provides eighth-graders with support to explore their purpose, identify their strengths and set personal goals for success.

This exploration and mentoring program links community capital to students and schools. Its objective is to begin raising career awareness for CMSD students on the cusp of entering high school. Mentors are trained on a structured curriculum and work in teams of two with small groups of  students supported by a CMSD key teacher once a month.

We invite business professionals from all industries to volunteer as mentors for the program. We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. To submit your mentor application, please click HERE.

For questions about mentoring, contact Angela Finding at or 216-592-2385.