Internet of Things (IoT) - Building Green and Sustainably. Are we still building buildings in the 21st century or are we building a sensing computer with a roof? Are we installing HVAC systems with communications software that result in costly data breaches (Target just paid an $18.5M settlement related to that very issue). Companies investing in digital transformation prevent costly errors, and realize double digit revenue and profit increases (MIT, 2018). How will the 21st century economy change the way we build – who will be the winners and losers? Is your business positioned to flourish or perish? Our panel of experts, moderated by Dr. Bill Paolillo, will use the Greenest Office Building in the world as a case study to explain the implications of how the Internet of Things (IOT) in the Built Environment is changing the way we build, creating a more engaged workforce and requiring a new level of defense from cyber threats.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Upon completion, users will gain an understanding of how the Internet of Things impacts various aspects including environment, energy savings, security, automation, patient comfort and safety.
  • The Internet of things is ubiquitous. In 2020 it will be present in over 25 percent of the world’s economic activity. The discussion will cover how it impacts the personal safety and health of individuals in their daily lives and in the world of construction. Specifically dealing with wellness, environment and the workplace. This will be accomplished with video, case study and interactive survey. 


  • Joe Compton, CISSP, CISA, QSA, Principal, Skoda Minotti 
  • Brian Taylor, Director of Building Automation and Energy Management, Air Force One
  • Austin Nutter, Account Executive of Building Automation and Energy Management, Air Force One
  • John Paganini, CEO, IoT Directions 
  • Dr. Bill Paolillo, President Welty Infrastructure Group, DOM I Vice -Chair, USGBC OHIO


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$25 - Non-members

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