Since 2009, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission’s work has resulted in a $400 million in economic impact, the creation of 1,729 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs, and a $2.01 return on investment (for every $1.00 spent by the state, $2.01 went back into Ohio's economy).The positive results reinforce the benefits of the GCFC's efforts to strengthen Cleveland's growing media sector.  

Over 300 productions have filmed in Ohio since 2007, including commercials, documentaries, independent and studio feature films, music videos, public service announcements, photo shoots, television shows, video games, and web series.  As a result, local businesses have enjoyed significant increases in revenue from the media industry.  Retail shops, hotels, contractors, real estate agents and restaurants and other food suppliers, just to name a few, have all benefited from the increased business during production.  

Join us as Ivan Schwarz shares what’s coming next for Cleveland and how local businesses can continue to get involved. 

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