Mar 3

At the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on February 26, Greater Cleveland Partnership’s (GCP) Vice President of Government Advocacy, Sante Ghetti, testified in support of Senate Bill 1, a bill that would require state agencies to reduce regulatory restrictions incrementally by 2022. The emphasis and basis for GCP’s support of the legislation is its members interest in keeping regulations consistent and predictable, in addition to being regularly evaluated.

GCP’s testimony urged passage of the bill, stating that, “Requiring an agency to inspect rules for regulatory restrictions and consider whether the rule should be amended or rescinded is a commendable goal.” GCP has long supported common-sense regulatory reform, contending that Senate Bill 1 will make a difference, especially for small and middle-market businesses that struggle to understand and comply with complex and demanding regulations.

If you want to read GCP’s full testimony on Senate Bill 1, click here.